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The Basics of Budget Management for Wedding Planners

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Having coordination between the pomp and show of the part event and the budget is a quality that is possessed by the expert Red Tag wedding planners. It is not only the expansiveness of the party but the ability to give it all in the planned budget. Budget management remains as one of the primary factors to determine your success in event planning. So here is how you can manage your budget without falling prey to unexpected expenditures.

Budget Of Wedding planner

The cash count

The very first thing that one should do before starting up with the arrangements is to count the cash or set a budget that one needs to stick. The extravagancy of the party is directly proportional to the money that you have in hand for the expenditures. So you need to know the budget of your client and further keep track of all the expenses so that you have an idea that you are not in a state that you will run out of cash shortly.

Outlining the expenses

When you have a set budget in your mind, it is always feasible that you draft a budget expense. There is a wide array of costs that are incurred for a wedding starting from the venue rent to the catering to the transportation charges, chalk down all such expense components so that you don’t miss on anything important and later crib for falling short of money.

Estimate the rental and catering costs

The estimated catering cost inclusive of all tips and transports should be tabulated well in advance and should not be left for the last minute. Book the venue and get the estimated cost by betcha as well so that there are no pigeonholes in your planning structure in relevancy to the budget.


Cutting down on additional costs

If you talk about Rajasthan royal weddings, then there are just unlimited costs associated with that you cannot think of catering. But when you have a limited budget, not only should you master the art of managing the expenses in the budget but should also excel in cutting down the costs wherever possible. The ability of trimming down the expenses can make you outshine in front of your client and maybe you can land up with a few more events in your kitty as well due to the mouth publicity that you will receive from your clientele’s end.

Finding alternative sources

All that glitters is not gold’ is an old saying but has relevant importance in this field. You may have a lot many decorative accessories available in the markets and on online portals, and everyone may not demand of original embellishments to add on glitz to the party fervour. This gives you an advantage of browsing alternate sources that can spread exponential glam to the upcoming occasion and save you money as well.

The vendor hack

You can attain discounts by hiring a single vendor for different requirements which can serve as a cost-effective way. For instance, if you have a party decorator who is into the cake business as well, then it is always a reasonable option to book the same person for both your requirements in lieu of attaining additional discounts rather than appointing two different vendors for the individual job.

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Wedding Traditions and Superstitions That You Should Observe

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Wedding Traditions and Superstitions That You Should Observe

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Weddings are not just about the ceremonies and grandeur but also about tradition and culture of the country. Along with the tradition comes some myths and superstitions which have been prevalent since the ancient times. But it is essential to stick up with the common ones and adhere to the traditions to stay away from bad luck and things that may cause hindrance for the nuptials. So here are few Wedding Traditions and Superstitions That You Should Observe and respect:

 The wedding dress restriction

The wedding dress is one of the best dresses that a woman always fantasizes to wear and may have lots of things in her mind to make her dress a perfect one to wear. She waits for the day to dress up like a princess and gives her dress a lot many trials to attain the perfect fit before her wedding day. A bride may see herself in her wedding gown every time she goes for a fitting, but at the same time, it is considered as a bad omen for the bridegroom to see his bride in a wedding dress before marriage. Another belief is that even the bride should not dress up in her complete wedding dress before the ceremonies or can bring bad luck for the marriage. This is the reason that the bride can never be seen wearing her full attire with her shoes and veil on before the marriage vows.

The wedding shoes

It is said that it is unlucky to wear any other kind of shoes for the wedding which is not explicitly bought for the wedding ceremony. Another superstition that follows is one should not use their wedding shoes before marriage and should not use them after marriage either and should only use them for the wedding and nowhere else. It is believed that such an act can bring bad luck and these shoes should also not be given to anybody else.


Wedding Shoes Design

Wedding rings

It is believed that it is unlucky to go out for shopping wedding rings on a Friday. Many shops offer heavy discounts on Fridays, but wedding rings are not supposed to be brought on this day. Another superstition that follows is that the couple should not wear the ring before their marriage or they might face a lot of problems in their married life resulting in separation or divorce.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake is supposed to be unlucky if tasted by someone else before the bride or bridegrooms have a piece of it. Another thing about the wedding cake is the statue of the couple that is placed on top of the cake should be designed such that the groom and bride have an equal height to symbolise the equality in the relation.

Wedding vows

Betcha Blog believes that love has no bounds, and a couple may write their wedding vows as an expression of love. But it is said that a couple should not write their own wedding vows or the wedding may turn out as a complete disaster for them.

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