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How can we reduce renovation cost by using Vinyl Flooring Tiles and why?


The cost of house renovation can be quite alarming to some of us who are within tight budget, especially when it involves floor renovation that covers large area of the house. But yet after a few years of postponement, we know that our floors are proverbially crying for attention. In the first place, this situation will put us in the lookout for better choices of materials to compare, not that we want to go all cheap by sacrificing quality because eventually, quality is going to determine the actual value for money. But we want something that can give us a comparable both. Here enters the savior called vinyl flooring tiles, a comparably good choice if we want to allow ourselves to be convinced of the positive side of it.

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Let’s read a story that Jessica is sharing on her blog, Cutesy Crafts, about her flooring choice when she renovated her lovely home.

Cost of vinyl flooring installation by professional can be considered reasonable

We opted to have ours professionally installed.  Since it’s easy to install, that also helped keep professional installation costs down.  On average, the installation quotes that I got for LVP were $2.00/sf and wood-look tile was upwards of $6.00/sf. Read more here!

Vinyl flooring tile is known for ease of installation, either we do it ourselves or opt for professional installation. Because of its installation easiness, even professional cost to pay for contractors can be lower than that for installation of other types of tile materials. Some of them can be joined by only using clicks, and it can be installed on other materials as well without much hassle. On the other hand, imagine the process of removing or installing stone or ceramic tiles. It is hard labor which can cause the installation cost to hike. And if we want to cut more on the installation budget, vinyl flooring tile is meant for DIY-er and that could possibly be us. By reading the installation manual, we are good to go. Of course, some online videos will be a great place to begin our own renovation project as well. So, what else are there that can hinder us from considering vinyl flooring tile as one of the best choice out for flooring? Still not convinced? Here is another article on Malford Ceramics detailing more about the cost of vinyl flooring.

The hacking of that existing material that we can avoid

The cost of vinyl flooring supply and installation…is around S$5.50 to S$6.50 per square foot…. With tiles, you have to engage a contractor to perform hacking services on your existing material. All in all, tiles may cost you at least S$10 per square feet. Read more here!

Remember that for vinyl flooring tile no hacking is required at all! Vinyl flooring tile can simply be added on top of other existing materials without any pre-preparation. This can reduce much cost without us even having time to calculate it. It might even allow us to expand our floor renovation into other areas because of the balance in our budget. Of course there are other advantages of using ceramic or laminate wood for example in terms of beauty and sturdiness, but minus this much hassle of hacking old floorings, how can we still be swayed into any other types of floorings but vinyl? Remember also that some old floorings cannot even be recycled while other types can be quite messy when undergoing process of removal. Of course, we can put aside all these possibilities of discomfort and extra cost by choosing vinyl flooring. The next article at Floorings.com.sg should also help us in making our floorings decision.

Divide that 20 years with vinyl flooring renovation cost today

Vinyl is fairly durable and long-lasting…. Most manufacturers in the market are often also willing to stand by their products with warranties of up to 20 years. Basically though, well-maintained vinyl flooring can last for over 25 years. Read more here!

If we divide the total renovation cost for vinyl flooring tiles that we have budgeted for our homes by 20 or 25 years, we will be tempted to cover all areas in our homes with vinyl. With various patterns and designs, also the possibility of reinstallation anytime, how true the temptation seems. Its durability and long-lasting feature can beat most types of floorings in the market so easily, especially with competitive price that it offers.

In conclusion, if we think that reading these articles are not enough to convince us to try vinyl flooring tiles, we can always seek professional advice. Try asking some experts on home renovation and see what they have to say about vinyl flooring tiles when our concern is mainly the budget, but at the same time we do not want to compromise quality. It will be difficult to find any other materials as generous with good features as vinyl flooring tiles.

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