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What do we need to consider before deciding to buy wallpaper?

When we buy our homes be it the first, second or third, it is very common to debate with our spouse, partners or joint buyers on whether to just paint the wall, or fill it with those gorgeous wallpapers. To be exactly on the point, there are many factors to consider before you can fairly decide without any rooms for regret later on. Can we bear the cost; which will be more expensive, the cost of wallpaper or the paint? What about the selections, in contrast with the final effect that we want to portray in our homes? Do we have enough expertise to install wallpaper on our own – and if not, how much is the extra cost that we need to prepare? What is the purpose us decorating it – will it eventually be rented or will it be used as the lair where we return to after hard days at work?

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The following article from Brewster Home Fashions explains many aspects about the cost, selection, durability, installation, etc.


No hard rules; we can also choose both paint and wallpaper


If you want a very specific color, or would like the option to change colors in the future, you may want to consider paintable wallpaper. With raised details and a myriad of texture effects and designs to choose from, it’s the best of both worlds. You can browse hundreds of paintable wallpapers here. Read more here!


In general, the cost for both wallpaper materials and its installation could be more expensive than paint. However, the wallpaper industries now produce a variety of types and materials suitable for everyone’s budget. Painting the walls of course will dent our budget less, depending on the type of finish we need, because we have plenty of low cost options. But we must remember, wallpaper comes in beautiful arrays of design and colors, with many types of incredible finishes as well. Choices of paints are nearly limitless and easy to repaint if we need any change, but we have only matte to glossy finishes to choose. In matter of durability, wallpapers can last longer and can also cover as large area as we want if we know the right way to hang it. It is also more pleasant to the eyes, especially for an area in the home where the traffic is high. If we worry about the stain in the long run, try to find wallpapers in the washable range. If we choose to paint our wall, we might still need to repaint it every ten years at the most, to hide the changes to the tone of colors or sometimes the attack of mold if we live at places with higher humidity level.


Nevertheless, we can always combine wallpaper and paint in so many occasions because we can create unique combinations between both. At times, wallpaper acts only as a touch of texture or pattern with it being put as frieze or stripes. It can also be used to accentuate certain small areas that is purportedly created as the focal point in interior design scheme. Anyway you choose to play with it, wallpaper and paint can always co-exist to add more beauty to our spaces. The next article by Najibah Mat Ali at Living by Recommend gives some insights on the step of installation.


Installation process is an important aspect to be considered


Wallpaper: The installation process might require lesser steps and tools as compared to painting up the whole wall, and is obviously less messy. Thus on the surface, one might think that installing the wallpaper might be easier too. However, installing a wallpaper with a repetitive design would be a bit tricky…. Read more here!


No less important on the list is the installation of the wallpaper. This must be considered carefully. We know it incurs some extra cost to find a good installer. As we know it, installing wallpaper can be an arduous task especially if we aim for a perfect installation. It is very common to see the edges of wallpaper becomes loose after sometimes due to improper installation. There are also cases where the pattern goes upside down at certain parts on the wall due to confusion when installing. To avoid these mistakes, we must find a professional wallpaper installer who has patient for details and sharp eyes in the process of marking, cutting and ensuring at least no air bubbles are left behind the paper. Another function of wallpaper when used wisely is to hide any imperfections on the wall, and of course it will be pretty annoying if in the end the wallpaper itself becomes the imperfect object. Last but not least, the following article by Ronique Gibson on freshome website also provides useful advice to us.


Which is easier, preparing wall for papering or for painting?


o   WALLPAPER: CONS: Removing existing wallpaper can be a tedious task that requires patience and the right tools to be effective. Stripping wallpaper can be done with chemicals or stripping tools, but care must be taken or damage can result to the wall. Read more here!


When it is about papering our walls, we cannot arrive to our decision within one simple answer. It must also take into consideration the current conditions of the wall. If the wall that you want to upgrade is already papered, how much time are you prepared to allot to the task of removing the old wallpapers? It would be easier if there is only one layer, but what if the layers are already too many. Consider also the actual condition of the walls after we have removed all the old layers of wallpapers. The wall might bear the signs of ageing with crack in the plaster, etc. This will add more cost to repair the wall before installing new wallpaper.


To conclude, all of us want a beautifully decorated and finished wall which is attractive to the eyes and adds character to our homes. Whether we choose wallpaper or paint, the factors discussed above need to be fully considered so that the final choice leaves us with no regret.

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