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In the olden days, choosing the kitchen backsplash was not a task that required much time or effort given the limited options available. However, today, with a dizzying range of designs, colors, textures and patterns catering to every taste and need on display, selecting the right backsplash tile for your kitchen can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you.

Blending in

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that your kitchen backsplash should match with the rest of your kitchen- the floor, the ceiling and above all the countertop. If you find a particular kitchen tile backsplash, which you must absolutely have, make sure that the rest of the items complement it.

More often than not, the countertop and the floor gets decided first. If you have a colorful countertop, especially in the newly popular colors of lime green or the daring orange, it would be wise to have a neutral or subdued backsplash that remains in the background rather than a flashy one that vies with the countertop for attention and causes a color clash. On the other hand, if the countertop is neutral or subdued, you have two options – either continue with the neutral tone with an intrepid pattern thrown in or go for a splash of color and radiance in your backsplash selection.

Color or Neutral?

Choosing a colored backsplash can lend a special tone to your kitchen while a neutral backsplash that merges into the overall design has its own calm beauty. It depends on the owner’s taste. A person who likes to have a splash of color around her may find it stimulating and attractive to have a colored backsplash while one who prefers the tranquil and soothing atmosphere of grey or white tones may find the neutral colors better suited to her needs.

Backsplash height

Generally, the backsplash extends up to the bottom of the cabinet; but, if you have chosen a backsplash that you love and which you would like to make the focal point, it would be good idea to extend it from the counter to the ceiling, at least in places where cabinets cause no hindrance. In such a case, not only the color of the backsplash tile, but its size and layout as well must be chosen with care and attention.

The Material

Now, what is the preferred material for the perfect backsplash? Modern house owners have a variety of options available raging from glass to the age-old tile. However, in terms of ease of use, durability and cost, ceramic tiles rule the domain. They can be cleaned with a minimum of time and effort and come in a mind-boggling variety of kitchen tiles in all shapes, sizes and patterns.