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The very first question in every mind about Lip Filler is that “will they look unnatural”? It is a serious question and you need to have a proper answer to clear your doubt. Never feel afraid about asking such questions because it is related to your body and health. The ever evolving society follows so many myths related to lip fillers but the true facts are hidden. Below are a few important questions related to lip filler treatment that you may need to resolve before undergoing the treatment.

Which products are used during treatment?

Professionals generally use two types of liquids for injection during temporary lip filler treatments, which are hyaluronic and collagen. Out of these, hyaluronic acid based filters are able to increase the volume of that lip so that they can appear fuller. Collagen is a very essential componens for the tissues as they help to make connectivity in our skin, but this product is used rarely for lip filler treatment.

What are Dermal Fillers?

These products are injected into the skin for treatment of facial lines as well as wrinkles, as they can soften skin layers very easily. Dermal fillers are commonly used for cheeks, lips and different areas on the mouth to get rid of fine lines. All products have their unique advantages and disadvantages; you must consult specialists before using any of these as they can guide you better depending on your skin type.

Will they appear fake or plastic?

You will be glad to know that after treatment, your lips will still retain their natural look so you need not worry about it. With time, they will gain natural appearance and your beauty will enhance to better form. Make sure that you have a proper discussion with doctor before treatment and let them know about the areas you want to treat and the shape you desire after treatment. Both the client and doctor must feel comfortable about the process and ensure that you have booked your appointment with an expert professional.

What kind of risks are expected?

Dermal filters and lip enhancements are trustworthy procedures and can be opted by all. Although you will suffer a little swelling, redness and bruising after injection, your lips will return to its normal beautiful shape in no time at all. In the case of collagen, many people have faced allergic reactions but they can be controlled with proper aftercare treatment. Always ensure that your physician has provided you with the proper after care procedures and follow them strictly to get desired results.

How long does it take?

Generally the temporary lip enhancement procedures range somewhere between £200 and £500, with a syringe containing 1ml solution. The session takes about 30 minutes and the numbness will be recovered within one hour. The results of lip filler treatments are long lasting but patients are suggested to take guidance from experts. Lip fillers in Singapore can provide you with the best solution regarding lip enhancement and it can be implemented without any risk.