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A building’s facade is quite literally the “face” of the building. It is the first impression that we get, both in terms of aesthetics as well as the structural performance and utility of a building. It is one of the most important facets of a building since it showcases the design and vision of the entire building. Outstanding facades don’t just make good first impressions, but they also make lasting impressions, capturing the imagination and awe of all beholders. The value of buildings, hence, depend heavily on their facades, the most visible aspect of design and architecture.

To achieve building facades that fulfill structural functions efficiently in visually creative ways, facade engineers need to look at how best they can envelope the building to make it water-resistant, airtight, energy efficient as well as pleasing to look at. This requires an integration of disciplines, where builders, engineers and architects alike need to show innovation and creativity. Among other things, building a facade involves selecting materials, balancing requirements of both function and form, analyzing cost benefits of various options, and estimating maintenance costs. It is a time consuming process but one that is worth the effort in the long run.

Who builds facades?

Engineers especially trained and skilled in building facades learn and develop skills in multiple fields of engineering, architecture and design. The various things to be taken into consideration while building facades are structural behavior, safety, functionality, maintenance, appearance, and performance of the various materials being used. Facade engineers also have expertise in building environmentally friendly and energy efficient structures to be able to build sustainable buildings. In view of climate change and the depleted state of natural non-renewable sources of energy, it has become imperative that our buildings are as green as possible.

A well-designed facade ensures that the building consumes energy efficiently. Designs and materials used to incorporate improved natural lighting, heating and airflow through the building are some measures through which energy efficiency can be achieved. Since regulations for green construction are still evolving, the design of a facade that facilitates green architecture and engineering is very important. You can find specialist facade companies in Singapore with expertise in the designing, engineering and installation of facades, which is a niche sector. Facade experts will supply the necessary products and provide customized solutions for cost, energy efficiency and overall aesthetic aspect of the building.facadebanner