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Any living space can be transformed on will thanks to paint and wallpaper. If the room is too dramatic, a coat of pale pink will soften it. A big room can be converted into a cozy space by integrating dark wallpaper in a striking pattern. There are advantages of each. This article presents the pros and cons of wallpaper and paint in terms of cost, ease of application and versatility.

wallpaper with prints

1. Prep time: If you have existing wallpaper, stripping the old one is a task best left for the expert. The right tools and chemicals are required to will make peeling easier. On the other hand, painting over damaged surface requires preparation of interiors with a spackle and letting it dry. A coat of primer applied over it, prepares the walls to accept darker colors. The preparation time for painting is lesser for painting.

2. Durability and selection: Think of a color or pattern and chances of finding the same are high. Both paint and wallpapers offer a wide collection with the power to make your color and design. Paints are available in various sheens and gloss strength. Wallpapers on the other hand come in vinyl or paper for durability and finish variation. The finish chosen depends on the family’s preferences. Wallpapers are sturdier than paint. There are chances of chipping off in both cases but it requires more effort to destroy wallpaper than paint. A disadvantage here is that wallpapers are stuck using glue. In areas of high moisture like the kitchen or the bathrooms, there are chances of the wallpaper peeling off.

3. Cost: The pricing range for both are from low to high. Wallpapers, in comparison are more expensive to purchase in rolls and installation. Paint on the other hand is cheaper when you consider the sum of material and labor cost. In many cases, you can save money by painting on your own. Wallpapers are trickier to install. If there is a mistake, the bubbles or crinkles will remain forever. When the cost of wallpaper is compared to high end faux paint, the former works out at a lesser price than the latter. The current trend is to have both: paintable wallpaper that is available in rolls or adhesive squares. The wall can be left bare or painted after the textured wallpaper is pasted.

There is no clear winner between wallpaper and paint. It comes down to personal choices. Wallpapers are great to install in patches. They are effortlessly chic. To select a design, visit any wallpaper supplier Singapore.