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In the current day and age of the booming aesthetic treatment market, there is an abundance of treatments available. Until recently most fat reduction treatments were surgical treatments. Treatments typically available in the market are liposuction and laser skin tightening treatments. With regards to abdominal contouring and abdominal aesthetic treatment these two processes have been the most common processes. However, neither of the two processes have been a holistic approach towards fat elimination as a whole.

In the case of tummy tucks, the process is an invasive method. This means that people needed to be treated by a plastic surgeon in order to eliminate fat tissue around the tummy. However, the process of a tummy tuck does not entirely solve the problem. In the aftermath of a tummy tuck there is a lot of loose skin that remains in the abdominal area due to obvious loss of fat tissue. Due to this a patient would generally have to undergo an additional process of skin tightening to make the abdominal area look aesthetically pleasing. In spite of the patient undergoing the surgery, it does not guarantee the absolute disappearance of fat. It is a temporary solution. The entire price of several procedures in order to achieve a temporary solution is imprudent.

In stark comparison, vanquish fat treatment is more of a one-stop-shop approach towards fat elimination and body toning and contouring. Vanquish fat treatment is painless, relatively quicker with more efficient results, relatively cheaper, and a permanent solution. The treatment basically ensures that the fat cells are melted away directly. Due to this melting of fat cells, the skin does not damage, neither does it get loose and saggy. The melting of fat cells is also efficient because it shapes the body contours appropriately. The device that is a part of the treatment uses a clamp that emits the radio frequency heat waves into the focus area. This clamp is shaped in an ideal abdominal shape which brings out the best body shaping results. It is very similar to water being poured into a mould. When ice freezes it is frozen in the shape of the cast it is set in. Similarly, but antithetically, the fatty abdominal area is melted away with the skin as a mould, which retains the best natural body shape as possible.

The comparison can be made more prominent and stark in 4 different factorial comparisons:


Vanquish fat treatment is a one stop shop treatment that is a complete process of 4 sittings that cost on average $2000. On the other hand older methods of fat reduction like liposuction and laser skin tightening could vary anywhere between 5-6 thousand US dollars.


Vanquish fat treatment is available in fewer locations but will soon be available across the country in various cities. While the older forms of fat reduction exist more commonly, the advent of vanquish will slowly render them obsolete forcing them into non-existence.

Time and pain:



The ‘vanquish fat treatment’ takes half the time for the entire procedure and also takes under half the time for recovery of the patient. It is immediate and completely painless. People who have undergone the treatment compare the process as being wrapped in a warm blanket. On the other hand people undergoing liposuction or laser tightening undergo a painful and time consuming process that leaves scarring on the body of the patient.

Body types:

While it is known that all the kinds of treatments work on all body types, liposuction and other forms of tummy tucks have resulted in a few complications. However, in the case of vanquish, the success rate has been a 100% on all body types that were tested.

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